Wellness Week with Lindsay LaPaugh

1 months ago


Have you ever wanted a healthy, non-alcoholic drink to sip on while trying to cool down from the hot Utah summer? Need a little creative inspiration? Lindsay LaPaugh has got just what you're looking for! Lindsay is a Holistic Health Coach who specializes in nutrition without restriction. She loves to share with others her knowledge on how to nourish your body with the produce and local businesses around Salt Lake City. She is an entrepreneur and business co-owner of Salt Lake Elevated, located at 675 E. 2100 S. Suite M, Sugar House, UT 84106, which focuses on helping people find balance with health, fitness and mental wellbeing. Wednesday, July 19th, she will be at our Sugar House Farmers Market offering impressive (and delicious!!) samples of the perfect cool-down treat!

This upcoming week Lindsay will be sampling, at her Salt Lake Elevated booth, a non-alcoholic shrub drink recipe that she has created based on the products and produce sold at the market. Weeks Berries and We Olive’s vinegar will be the highlight… who could turn down a free and refreshing drink in the middle of the heat of summer? She also will be handing out a recipe card for the tasteful drink so you can get your ingredients right at the market and be equipped to impress friends and family the next day! This is such a convenient way for market shoppers to feel inspired with the inventive help of Lindsey, all while supporting local farmers and businesses. 

On top of all this exciting news, Lindsay has created a list featuring top reasons to shop at a farmers market. Here is what she has to say! 

Benefits to Shopping at a Farmers Market

Fresh is best- Produce at the grocery store has travelled from hundreds, if not thousands of miles away. At the farmer's market many farmers pick their produce that morning or the night before. It taste better and has more nutritional value.


Eating Seasonal- Your body naturally craves what’s in season. Shopping at the farmers market allows you to fuel up with produce that provides a cooling effect on the body, and helps you deal with the summer heat!


More Flavor- Since produce at the farmers market is grown in its natural season, and picked at its ripest you’ll get more flavor. Try comparing a tomato from the farmers market to one you buy at the grocery store, there’s no competition.


Supports local economy- Most farmers live within 100 miles of the market, and hire locally. A farmer's goal isn’t to get rich, they’re passionate about doing what they love and bringing you the best quality product. The food is also travelling less so it’s environmentally friendly.

You can ask the pros- There’s no one more passionate about the food than the people who grew it. If you aren’t sure how to make something, ask your farmer. They’ll have plenty of ideas for you to try something you’re not as familiar with.

Feast your eyes on this expertly, well thought-out list so you can then start feasting your senses with the produce from our farmers market. Stop by Lindsay’s booth, try a free shrub sample, grab a recipe card and let her fill you in on the health benefits of both vinegar and berries. You can also follow her on Instagram or Facebook. Her username is Wellnessgypsy or you can search for her by her full name, Lindsay LaPaugh

Its going to be a good week, y’all! Seek Studio and Title Boxing will also be hosting fitness events, so be sure to check our Instagram for the latest news update!